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"The tutors were exceptional in their delivery of practical and philosophical knowledge, I continued to be inspired, involved and challenged by this course. …….it has given me the confidence in myself that I lacked. I cannot speak highly enough of Mary and Lesley and will look forward to any workshops or future relevant courses that they may choose to deliver. A great big thank you to them both!"

Jo 2016

“I looked for the very best, most rigorous and comprehensive yoga teacher training course I could find. I found all that in Mary and Lesley’s and so much more; fun, fulfilment and friends. I had to work hard but after 2 years with them I have developed a passion for teaching as well as for yoga."

Claire 2016

The Level 4 diploma is a challenging but also a highly rewarding course that gave me the necessary skills and knowledge needed to confidently teach yoga. I consider myself very fortunate to have had Lesley and Mary as my course tutors as they have decades of different but complementary yoga experience between them. The support and care with which they jointly delivered the course cannot be bettered in my view. In addition to becoming competent to teach, the course is also a personal development journey of considerable value in its own right. Having practiced yoga for 14 years when I started the course, I found that it not only enhanced my knowledge of the more progressive aspects of yoga but also allowed me to develop significantly in my own yoga journey for which I am truly grateful to both tutors. Om Shanti

Paul Mullen

I am enjoying teaching and can't wait to go on some workshops to expand my teaching practice. I haven't had a chance to thank you both for your invaluable instruction. I am determined to be a good teacher which comes from your tuition and also having you both as role models. I enjoyed the course so much. Thank you again.

Fran Fenn

When I first read Lesley and Mary's 'credentials', I was struck by the fact that yoga had been central to their lives for years, that they had both studied with wonderful and influential teachers, and that their yoga practice was serious - as committed and deep as it seemed practical and light. As a woman, I find it inspiring to see women of different generations older than me (I'm 34) respected for their experience, which does not seem the case in many sectors. Over two years, the teachings of Mary and Lesley were hugely influential, and I know will continue to be. I value their example and teachings very much. Their characters are quite different, and I liked that, too; and it seems to me that their roots go as deep as their branches go high. I couldn’t recommend them or the course more.

Emily Brett

One of the best things about the course is that it is hard work: it's intense physically, emotionally and mentally and its time intensive. You might read that and think “how is that a positive?" there are so many courses that you can do where you will be "qualified" in a few months. When you get this qualification, you know you've put the groundwork in and you're a safe, educated teacher. You will be ready to start the journey of being a teacher. You'll also have a network of colleagues, and great friends, from the two years you've spent with your course mates. You will also have been exposed to some great teaching from the tutors, as above, they will challenge you and make you dig deep. Ultimately doing this course is the best preparation for any aspiring yoga teacher.

Kara Grant

I would like to say that I have been very happy with how the course has been run. I feel that Mary and Lesley work very well together as a team, and it's great to have received such different styles of teaching, and their different skill sets and knowledge. They have both been very responsive to our questions throughout and I have always felt able to ask questions – in knowing I'd gain value from their answers. They are both a credit to yoga – and I hope that many other students get to experience having them as tutors too.

Rosanna Gordon

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