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Thank you for your energy, time and commitment to teaching us all. It's deeply appreciated😊

Hollie H

I am enjoying teaching and can't wait to go on some workshops to expand my teaching practice. I haven't had a chance to thank you both for your invaluable instruction. I am determined to be a good teacher which comes from your tuition and also having you both as role models. I enjoyed the course so much. Thank you again.

Fran Fenn

One of the best things about the course is that it is hard work: it's intense physically, emotionally and mentally and its time intensive. You might read that and think “how is that a positive?" there are so many courses that you can do where you will be "qualified" in a few months. When you get this qualification, you know you've put the groundwork in and you're a safe, educated teacher. You will be ready to start the journey of being a teacher. You'll also have a network of colleagues, and great friends, from the two years you've spent with your course mates. You will also have been exposed to some great teaching from the tutors, as above, they will challenge you and make you dig deep. Ultimately doing this course is the best preparation for any aspiring yoga teacher.

Kara Grant

BWY Yoga